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Hero background for Ibex Pro

Ibex Pro GPU

front of Ibex Pro
Feature image for Ibex Pro
  • Dual Intel Xeon Scaleable processors
  • Up to 3072 GB of ECC memory
  • Up to 32 TB SSD Storage
  • Up to 8 GPUs with 384 GB GDDR6
  • Dual 10 Gigabit network

Our Sales Team can provide you with detailed information about the Ibex Pro GPU, create a quote, give you an estimate on shipping times, and address any other questions you may have.


Go beyond today to create tomorrow. With 30K CUDA cores, you can interpret the environment, render the next blockbuster, and automate the future.

Inside the Ibex Pro (ibep2b)

Intelligent Landscape

Map and understand environments to build solutions that react instantaneously.

Accelerate Discovery

Unravel the mysteries of the human body to pave the way for personalized treatments.

Crispr image
Blender filmBlender filmBlender filmBlender filmBlender film

Imagination Realized

Render incredibly rich dreamscapes with hyper-realistic textures, lighting, and motion.


Inside the Ibex Pro (ibep2b) Ibex Pro (ibep2b) Ports

Tech Specs

Operating System

Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS (64-bit)


Dual 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors


Intel VT


Up to 1536 GB Six-channel Registered ECC DDR4 @2933MHz


Up to 8× 2.5″ drives, 32 TB total

GPU Compute

Up to 8 NVIDIA GeForce or Tesla GPUs


2 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45), 1 × 10/100/1000 Management LAN


2 × PCI Express × 16 (Gen 3 × 16 bus)


Front: Power button, ID button, Reset button, LAN Activity, HDD Activity, System status

Rear: 2× USB 3.0, 1× VGA out, 1× Power button, 1× ID button, 1× Reset button, 1× NMI button, 1× System status


Front: Power, ID, LAN, HDD Status, System Status

Rear: System Status, NIC Activity

Power Supply

2 × 2200W PSU, 80 Plus Platinum


31.5″ × 17.6″ × 3.4″ (80 × 44.8 × 8.75 cm)


68 lbs (30.84 kg)

Base weight. Varies on configuration.