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It all started when IRviNG and OLIviA, our resident Roguebots, got their hands on a retro game console. Little did we know, their passionate love of side-scrollers would devolve into an 8-bit Apixelypse. That fateful day, they broke into the control room and entered the Konami Code into one of the gaming workstations. Now the whole website has been thrown into pixelated chaos, with our heroes 5iMON and Zoe doing their best to fight off the 80s-geddon and restore high-resolution reality.

Before they gather all eight pieces of the Triforce and defeat Dracula, take advantage of the bedlam by saving up to $320 on laptops and Meerkat, and score yourself a sweet Power Up fanny pack in the process! Act fast, though; all prices are programmed to be restored to their original factory settings on January 4th, 2022.

Laptops On Sale

Lemur Pro

$50 off instantly

The Pangolin laptop opened with the default Pop!_OS background.


$100 off instantly


$100 off instantly

Oryx Pro

$100 off instantly

Desktops On Sale


$50 off instantly

Laptop Bags

Free shipping on all Laptop Bags!

Available for contiguous US orders only.

Single-strap messenger bag for 15 inch laptops.

15″ Messenger Bag

Front view of two-shoulder strap vertical messenger backpack.

Laptop Backpack