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Olivia and Irving the robots relax on the beach, kicking off the Desktops Back to Summer Sale. Save up to $240 on Desktops now through June 14th!

What’s this? A note from IRviNG and OLIviA?

"GrEEtinGs HUman. SuMMeR iS heRe aND we wAnt to gO ouTsiDe, bUt nEED to seLL thrOugH DeskToPs iNVentOrY fiRSt. EnjOY diScouNTs so we cAN gO PLaY FRiSbEE."

Ahem. You heard it here, folks! We’re having fully sanctioned and not-at-all sudden discounts on Thelio desktops and Meerkat so our hard-working bots can get back to summer!

Save up to $250 on select desktops and Meerkat through June 14th!

illustration of beach ball and sand castle making tools

Desktops On Sale


Intel - $50 off



AMD - $50 off


Thelio Mira

Intel - $80 off


Thelio Mira

Intel Advanced - $80 off


Thelio Mira

AMD - $80 off


Thelio Major

AMD - $200 off


Thelio Mega

$250 off



10th Gen Intel - $30 off



11th Gen Intel - $30 off



While supplies last

Oryx Pro

Previous Generation

Starting at $2829

Laptop Bags

Free shipping on all Laptop Bags!

Available for contiguous US orders only.

Single-strap messenger bag for 15 inch laptops.

15″ Messenger Bag

Starting at $179

Single-strap messenger bag for 15 inch laptops.

17″ Messenger Bag

Starting at $179

Front view of two-shoulder strap vertical messenger backpack.

Laptop Backpack

Starting at $135